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Plot for Sale in DHA Lahore

Plot for Sale in DHA Lahore

If you have decided to build your future dream home, you need a plot. If you do not already have it, you need to buy it. When buying plots there are several facts that you need to pay attention to, and here are some of them: Ownership of the real estate can be checked in plot registers of the competent court of the municipality where the land is located – TITLE DEED.

It can also be read from the same whether there are any mortgages or other charges related to a particular property. It is also necessary to look at how the land is kept in the cadaster. Land use LOCATION INFORMATION can be requested from the Urban Planning Office in charge of a particular municipality, indicating the purpose of the land.

Purposes can be different, for example: residential, commercial, recreational, etc. Plot developability data that can also be read from Location Information. It means that it is necessary to know what minimum plot area is sufficient to be able to access construction, how much plot surface can be built, and how many levels are permissive.

Plot developability is usually around 30% of the land area, while in the old city cores can be as much as 100% of the area. The access road to the land connectivity of land with public roads that must be marked in cadaster or you need to have the right of way through the land that is between your land and the public road.