DHA Multan Expected Prices Pre and Post Balloting and Development Charges

DHA Multan intends to carry its vote ceremony possibly before twenty-fifth Gregorian calendar month – the vote date set for DHA Bahawalpur. As per confirmed sources, preparations square measure current to settle the date however no official announcement has been created nevertheless. Like every different megaproject, the time of vote paces up the trade of files and market price of plots will increase in each case (pre-vote and post balloting). At this point, DHA Multan is focussed and its expected costs square measure being mentioned among relevant circles including property experts and investors. The longer term consumers are keeping a watch on these proceedings as sometimes folks invest simply before the vote or when vote.

DHA Multan Expected Files worth of one Kanal Pre-Balloting – Before Ballot

In the lightweight of careful estimation and guess, we tend to square measure getting to gift DHA Multan one Kanal file costs simply before the vote. In line with the expectations, DHA Multan one Kanal file will find yourself around Rs. Fifty-five lacs before the vote. There square measure another file of five Marla and ten Marla would be enclosed within the vote as per reports, however, we tend to square measure going for the larger image. The one Kanal files square measure method higher in a very quantitative relation as compared to the smaller cuttings.

DHA Multan Expected costs of one Kanal Plots Post vote – when Ballot

DHA Multan one Kanal plots can doubtless to urge a jump of just about 1,000,000 rupees when the vote is completed and range is assigned. These one Kanal plots are rating from Rs. fifty-five lacs to sixty-two lacs just in case of the average plot. The corner facing, park facing and Main street facing plots are obtainable around Rs. 70 lacs.

Expected Development Charges of DHA Multan

All readers ought to confine their mind that above-named costs square measure on the idea of professional opinions and their guesses. Neither these costs are final nor inclusive of development charges. The expected development charges of 3 cuttings are:

1 Kanal = Rs. 20 Lacs

10 Marla = Rs. 15 Lacs

5 Marla = Rs. 10 Lacs

For buying/Selling in DHA Multan Contact:
Ch Islamist Yasin ( CMY )
+92 322 4929992

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