DHA Phase 9 Prism Lahore R-Block Plot Prices, Development and Future

DHA part nine Prism is one among the largest phases of DHA Lahore that is found in between Bedian and Ferozepur Road close to part nine city and even have straightforward access to Lahore Ring. Prism is connected with eleven external roads with Lahore road being the foremost enticing means that of traveling to any apart of Lahore from DHA Prism nine. Today, Lahore land explains the short details of DHA part nine Prism R-Block.

DHA part nine Prism Lahore | R-Block costs, Development and investment Future

R block the foremost rated block of part nine Prism for 5-Marla within the locality of DHA city D Block wherever is construction activity already full swing. as you have seen in on top of video five Marla plots are carpeted nearly. I’m expecting 5-Marla possession in early 2020. It’s everything, School, Parks, Playground, an ad market that a block required to measure in. Pleasure ground is additionally an awfully huge positive for R Block too.

Which one is the best location of plot for investment?

Avoid One or 2 lanes close to Nala (Drain) for house construction. 10 Marla is usually settled at the sensible location that once more sensible for house construction apart from boundary Lanes. One Kanal plots not ideally settled except double-digit numbers. R block can have Extension land of five Marla as you’ll see within the video that conjointly at an awfully sensible location. Therefore, one will take strive luck in five Marla file accessible in twenty-nine. 75 Lacs. Rates as follows For Nov 2018

DHA part nine Prism R-Block Plot costs

1-Kanal: eighty to a hundred and ten Lacs
10 Marla: sixtyfive to eighty Lacs
5 Marla: thirtyeight to five Lacs

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